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Fixed version of Logitech Control Center 2.12

Posted by Jon Evans 02/01/2007 at 11h13

I have just installed LCC 2.12 and it doesn't work. Version 2.11 worked fairly well but was a bit buggy when switching scroll wheel settings when focus moved between apps.

I have tracked down the problem to the fact that some files are missing in the install, read on for more info and a fix.

Updated 2007-01-07: 'a' pointed out that you need to make sure the ownership of the kext is correct, so I've added another step.

Updated 2007-01-11: I've just noticed that Logitech have pulled version 2.12 from their site. You can only download version 2.11 at the moment.

Updated 2007-01-12: Version 2.12 is back on Logitech's site. Unfortunately, it is still broken.

Updated 2007-01-23: Logitech have fixed the bug. I've removed the download as it's not needed any more.

The problem is that the Info.plist and PkgInfo files are missing from the Logitech kernel extension LogitechUSBHIDevices.kext. Without those files, Mac OS X doesn't recognise it as a kernel extension and refuses to load it.

I've reinstalled LCC 2.11, extracted the files from that kext, and edited Info.plist so it refers to version 2.12 instead of 2.11. The fixed version works.

To fix your version, do the following: 1. Understand that you do this at entirely your own risk! It seems to be working fine for me, but I cannot take responsibility for anything which might happen if you follow these instructions. I'm only supplying these details as a public service. 2. Install LCC 2.12 if you haven't already done so 3. Navigate to /System/Library/Extensions in Finder and delete LogitechUSBHIDevices.kext 4. Download and extract my fixed version of the kext (151kb) 5. Copy the extracted LogitechUSBHIDevices.kext to /System/Library/Extensions 6. added 2007-01-07 (thanks to 'a', see comments): make sure that the ownership of the files in the kext is correct. Open a Terminal prompt and execute sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/LogitechUSBHIDevices.kext 7. Restart

The only difference between the original Logitech 2.12 version of the kext and my version is that my version includes the PkgInfo and Info.plist files.

Technically, you could probably avoid the need to restart by doing this: 1. Start Terminal 2. sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/LogitechUSBHIDevices.kext 3. remove that old version and replace it with the one you downloaded as above 4. sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/LogitechUSBHIDevices.kext

I'll leave the file available until Logitech release a fixed version.

If you'd rather just revert to version 2.11 until they fix it, you can download that version from Logitech here.

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  1. Logitech, qui pourtant a l'habitude de présenter des produits plutôt tops, n'a jamais été capable d'égaler cette prestation quant aux logiciels et drivers fournis avec. Ce billet ne s'adresse qu'aux utilisateurs de matériel Logitech pour Mac...
  1. zeppo
    04/01/2007 at 07h30

    Thanks alot!

  2. Pascal
    05/01/2007 at 00h51

    Very nice of you to make this info available to everyone !

    If only Logitech could react as quickly as you do !

    Thank you !

  3. Steve
    05/01/2007 at 01h25

    Thanks for posting this Jon. Worked perfectly - Cheers!


  4. matteo
    05/01/2007 at 08h39

    only recornizes the mouse, don’t know why is a mx 3000

  5. John Lyth
    05/01/2007 at 15h25

    I seem to be having a problem copying the kext file into the extensions folder getting message ‘System extension cannot be used’ and get the same message when trying terminal from root. Newbie Mac user so seriously lost - any advice?

  6. Jon Evans
    05/01/2007 at 15h49

    @John Lyth:

    I’ve never seen that message. Where and when do you get it? When you copy the kext? I just copied it using drag & drop in the finder. Did you unzip it first? It should look a bit like a 2x2 Lego block. Is your user account an admin user? You should get a prompt to authenticate yourself, both when you delete the old broken version and when you copy in the fixed version.

  7. Rich
    06/01/2007 at 04h29

    Thanks Jon - much appreciated

  8. a
    07/01/2007 at 03h16

    hi, you get the message when the .kext doensT’ belong to the right user and group.

    type in the terminal:

    ” sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/LogitechUSBHIDevices.kext ” that should fix it, then you can try to load it again

  9. Jon Evans
    07/01/2007 at 05h23


    Yes, I suppose that could be John’s problem. The command you gave should fix it if that’s the case.

    I’ll update the article.


  10. GuiM
    08/01/2007 at 10h46

    My saver !

    Thanks :)

  11. GuiM
    08/01/2007 at 10h58

    My saver !

    Thanks :)

  12. Bo
    09/01/2007 at 14h54

    Yes! Another frustration gone. 56.045 frustrations to go ;) Thanx Jon