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Posted by Jon Evans 01/06/2007 at 01h16

For the last few weeks now this blog has been hosted on my slice at SliceHost. It's really fast, especially since I upgraded to the 1024slice plan. If you sign up, please enter my email address as the referrer (or use the link above). I get a (tiny) referral fee from SliceHost if you're still a customer after 3 months.

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Posted by Jon Evans 01/06/2007 at 01h06

My MacBook has been getting slower and slower lately, so today I started to investigate what the cause might be. I'd noticed a while ago that a message had started appearing in system.log:

update_prebinding: error: dependent dylib is not prebound
update_prebinding: error 256 running update_prebinding_core

You can run update_prebinding from the shell but you don't get any extra insight into the problem because the error message is exactly the same.

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