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Apple iPhone bluetooth headset take-apart

Posted by Jon Evans 26/03/2008 at 23h58

As my bluetooth headset seems to be a dead loss, I thought I'd take it apart to see how it was made. I did a lot of searching and I don't think anyone has done this yet - I certainly couldn't find any photos.


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Email style

Posted by Jon Evans 26/03/2008 at 23h22

In reference to this post at Daring Fireball - I have always reasoned that the cursor is placed at the top of the new message when you hit reply precisely because you will need to start at the top with a salutation, then work your way down through the message adding your interjections after relevant paragraphs and deleting anything which you don't need to quote.

The problem is that these days nobody bothers with that, they assume the cursor is at the top because that's where their reply is supposed to go.

The worst example is when you get sent an email with something like "What do you think we should do?" at the top, and you scroll down to realise that you've been sent a massive dollop of email correspondence going back three weeks, which you're going to have to read from bottom to top before you can reply.

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iPhone Bluetooth Headset meets washing machine

Posted by Jon Evans 26/03/2008 at 00h07

Well the inevitable has eventually happened, my Apple Bluetooth Headset has been put through a full 40°C cycle in the washing machine. Not only that, my iPhone stereo headset was in the other pocket.

The headset microphone seemed to be broken so I tried to pry it open to dry it out. I just managed to break the clips. After warming it up on my external USB drive all day it has dried out to the point where it might be working OK again, so I'm going to try a bit of superglue to fix the cover back on. In the meantime here is a photo.

Inside the iPhone headset microphone

My bluetooth headset is still in a bad way. It sort of charges up, but the indicator flashes orange. If you hold the button to turn it on, it does the usual four rising tones but it is very scratchy and crackly. It's also pretty beat up, as it came out of the pocket and rattled round the washing machine drum.

Here's some pictures.

iPhone bluetooth headset after washing machine cycle

iPhone bluetooth headset after washing machine cycle

iPhone bluetooth headset after washing machine cycle

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