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Pokey the Penguin is 10 years old

Posted by Jon Evans 28/04/2008 at 14h49

Wow, Pokey the Penguin is 10 years old. How time flies.


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Email style

Posted by Jon Evans 26/03/2008 at 23h22

In reference to this post at Daring Fireball - I have always reasoned that the cursor is placed at the top of the new message when you hit reply precisely because you will need to start at the top with a salutation, then work your way down through the message adding your interjections after relevant paragraphs and deleting anything which you don't need to quote.

The problem is that these days nobody bothers with that, they assume the cursor is at the top because that's where their reply is supposed to go.

The worst example is when you get sent an email with something like "What do you think we should do?" at the top, and you scroll down to realise that you've been sent a massive dollop of email correspondence going back three weeks, which you're going to have to read from bottom to top before you can reply.

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Wireless networks

Posted by Jon Evans 06/10/2007 at 19h42

I can see loads of WiFi routers from my house these days. A couple of years ago, mine was the only one.

Oh yes, this post is also a test of the new Skitch Beta.

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Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard delay

Posted by Jon Evans 17/04/2007 at 06h39

I know I'm a bit behind in bloging about this, because it has already been done to death in the blogshpere, but something occurred to me this morning. Apple have announced that Leopard will be shipping in October, but previous experience shows that what they mean by "ship Leopard in October" is probably "ship Leopard on October 31st", and therefore we probably won't actually get our hands on a copy of Leopard until a few days into November.

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iTunes video pricing

Posted by Jon Evans 13/10/2005 at 07h26

According to the Universal Currency Converter, the Sterling to Dollar exchange rate at the moment is 1 GBP = 1.74676 USD.

iTunes UK sells singles for £0.79, the US store sells them for $0.99. This means that singles bought from the UK store cost $1.38, making them 39% more expensive.

Music videos from the UK store sell for a massive £1.89 ($3.30), compared to $1.99 which Apple charge for videos on the US store. i.e. UK customers are charged 66% more for videos.

If the rates were the same (according to UCC) the cost in the UK for singles and videos would be £0.57 and £1.14 respectively.

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Linux on Dell Inspiron 9200

Posted by Jon Evans 06/06/2005 at 17h37

My colleague Surj has put up an article about how to configure Linux on a Dell Inspiron 9200. Specifically, it looks better if you override the default gamma setting apparently.

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Best call centre recording ever

Posted by Jon Evans 28/04/2005 at 01h40

I’ve held onto this wav for years, I think it originally came via NTK.

Of all the joke phone recordings, answering machine messages etc. that the internet has sent my way, this remains my favourite. The file is exactly as I received it, peter_b.wav (512k). Warning: contains swearing.

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Cool Desktop Wallpaper hack

Posted by Jon Evans 24/03/2005 at 16h31

Here’s a neat idea. Take a photo of the wall behind your laptop, then set that photo as your desktop wallpaper. You end up with something like this:
'Transparent' PowerBook

Flickr photoset of similar images.

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Buy and sell "crappy" items on eBay

Posted by Jon Evans 03/02/2005 at 00h33

MSN Image search for “crappy”


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Alone in the Dark

Posted by Jon Evans 02/02/2005 at 00h12

I once bought a computer game called Alone in the Dark. In fact, spinning around on my office chair I can see that the box is still sat there on my shelf. It turns out that they’ve made a feature film out of it. It’s getting amazing reviews, here are some samples:

The three stars have seen better days, but I’d like to think they could still do something classier and more dignified than this. Like gay porn.

It’s only January, but I can’t imagine any upcoming film replacing ‘Alone in the Dark’ as my leading candidate for Worst Movie of 2005.

Saying Uwe Boll’s Alone in the Dark is better than his 2003 American debut House of the Dead is akin to praising syphilis for not being HIV.
Nicholas Schager, SLANT MAGAZINE

…asking the viewer to accept Tara Reid as a scientist is pure insanity, requiring a staggering leap of faith that I can’t even begin to contemplate.

Alone in the Dark co-stars perpetual party-girl Tara Reid as an archeologist. That alone should give you some clue as to how bad this movie is.

As video game adaptations go, even Pong: The Movie would have a lot more personality.
Michael Rechtshaffen, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

via Defective Yeti

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