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Replacing switch bulbs with LEDs

Posted by Jon Evans 18/01/2003 at 23h59

Many of the switches in your car will illuminate when theheadlights are switched on, but most of them use tiny incandescentlight bulbs to provide the illumination. The problem with these bulbsis that they eventually burn themselves out. The repair procedure I’mgoing to describe here is to replace a burned out lamp with an LED.

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Electric rear blind repair

Posted by Jon Evans 18/01/2003 at 23h52


When the blind is retracted it makes a horrible grinding noise for about 10 seconds


It seems that the electronic control unit for the rear blind simply applies power to the motor for a set period of time. When the blind reaches the end of its travel it is supposed to stall the motor until the control unit switches off the power. When the rear blind gearbox was disassembled it was discovered that the main gear had several stripped teeth, with the blind in the closed position. This meant that rather than stalling, the motor continued turning, causing the worn gears to make a loud clicking noise.

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Cleaning the electric mirror switch

Posted by Jon Evans 18/01/2003 at 23h50

It turned out that the mirror switch worked fine, but it was so nicely made that I thought I’d post some pictures anyway.

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Mustard-coloured relay repair

Posted by Jon Evans 18/01/2003 at 23h46

I started getting warning messages about the tail lights and sidelights, when there was nothing wrong with them. These are classic symptoms of dry joints in the mustard coloured relay.

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Thermostat replacement

Posted by Jon Evans 18/01/2003 at 23h40


  • temperature gauge not reading at 12 o’clock

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