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KrazyBen Mashups

Posted by Jon Evans 17/01/2007 at 07h39

I'm currently listening to KrazyBen's Mashed of 2006 mashups, they are excellent. Actually they are more like mashups of mashups, as he's taken a load of existing work by other mashup artists and remixed them together.

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Michael Winner

Posted by Jon Evans 17/01/2007 at 07h30

I just read that Michael Winner has been taken ill.

Calm down, dear!

Get well soon, Michael!

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Ready to ship: FEBRUARY

Posted by Jon Evans 17/01/2007 at 03h28

The new Airport Extreme is available for pre-order from the UK Apple Store but is marked Ready to ship: FEBRUARY. Only a couple more weeks, right? Erm, no.

screenshot from online UK Apple store

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Fixed version of Logitech Control Center 2.12

Posted by Jon Evans 02/01/2007 at 11h13

I have just installed LCC 2.12 and it doesn't work. Version 2.11 worked fairly well but was a bit buggy when switching scroll wheel settings when focus moved between apps.

I have tracked down the problem to the fact that some files are missing in the install, read on for more info and a fix.

Updated 2007-01-07: 'a' pointed out that you need to make sure the ownership of the kext is correct, so I've added another step.

Updated 2007-01-11: I've just noticed that Logitech have pulled version 2.12 from their site. You can only download version 2.11 at the moment.

Updated 2007-01-12: Version 2.12 is back on Logitech's site. Unfortunately, it is still broken.

Updated 2007-01-23: Logitech have fixed the bug. I've removed the download as it's not needed any more.

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Windows Uptime

Posted by Jon Evans 24/11/2006 at 02h20

This is for my own future reference. To find out the uptime of a Windows box, type net statistics server. The date and time the server started up is printed at the top of the resulting output.

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