That's Numberwang!

My name is Jon Evans, I used to be quite active in the BMW 7 Series (E32) community and I have a lot of information available in the BMW Repairs section of the site.

From August 2004 to April 2011 I owned a Lexus LS400 Mk. IV. I have a Lexus Repairs section, but it is fairly empty because nothing much seemed to go wrong with it.

In April 2011 I replaced the Lexus with a nearly-new Toyota Prius, the main aim being to reduce my expenditure on petrol. With rising petrol prices the Lexus was hovering at just under £100 per tank, which would last about 350 miles.

I live in Banbury, UK, with my wife Heidi and children James and Matthew.

I work as a computer programmer in Towcester, which is a pleasant 40 minutes drive from my house. I design and build web applications for a living.

You can email me at jon.evans@pobox.com.