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Useful links, copied over from my old site.

2008-05-19: removed dead links


PartsGeek BMW Enthusiast Page - another links page like this one, with quite a few good resources (thanks to Sarah for the tip).

Technical Assistance collated from various sources - possibly dead / very slow site
Helpful information gathered together from Hard Experience, the BMW Digests or Other Sources. Covers most BMW models.

7er.com: German 7 series forum
A busy 7 series chat forum in Germany.

BMW Car Club GB
UK-based BMW Car Club

John G. Burns BMW Page - “The UNIX Nerd’s Domain”
John’s site has loads of info about the various models which BMW have produced over the years.

Todd Kenyon’s E28 M5
Todd “only” has an E28 but he’s done loads of cool things to it, which he’s documented on his website for your benefit.

BMW videos
A load of videos of BMWs in various circumstances - from chavs racing and / or killing their cars, to Top Gear test drives. The ”chav flipping his 740i onto its roof while trying to look clever” video is especially worthwhile. Warning: adverts galore!


1992 BMW 735i
Mark has upgraded his E32 to the n’th degree. Well worth a look.

BMW 530i Maintenance
This is another E34 5-series page, and therefore it is also applicable to the E32.

BMW E34 5 series website
I have included this in the E32 section because nearly all of the repair procedures documented (and there are a lot) are applicable to the E32.

Gale’s Repair Page
Don Gale is a frequent contributor to the Bimmer E32 forum in the states, and on his website he documents many repair procedures.

Johan and Sean’s E32 page
Johan owns a 735i, Sean a 750iL. Between them they are documenting all of the repairs they carry out, from minor procedures like replacing spark plugs to transplanting a whole engine. A Highly recommended site.

Roadfly 7 Series (E32) Message Board
American forum dedicated to the E32

Stig Are Holmen’s E32 page
Stig has a 735iL and has a knack of photographing it against fantastic Norwegian backdrops.

The UK 7 Series Register
Discussion forum, photo gallery and online articles all about the BMW E32.

Spare Parts

Cooks Ferry Engineering
Independant importers and suppliers of BMW parts. Service, maintenance and repair specialists.

Euro Car Parts
UK supplier of spare parts for many models, not just BMW. I used them extensively when I replaced most of my front suspension components.

German, Swedish and French car parts
As the name suggests, this company supplies parts for other marques besides BMW, but have an extensive selection of BMW spares and performance improvements.

A UK supplier of spare parts and upgrades for all BMW models.